Nominees of 2015 Grammys


The 57th Annual Grammy Awards will be held on February 8th 2015 at Staples Center, Los Angeles, California in the United States. The nominees for the awards were announced on December 5th 2014. There was a very Grammy Christmas Special where the album of the year nominees was announced.

There are 83 listed categories. Some of the nominees in these categories are Sia who was nominated for the record of the year award together with Sam Smith, Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor.

Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, Beck, Pharell Williams and Sam Smith were nominated for album of the year award.

Other nominees were Kevin Kadish, James Napier, Meghan Trainor, Sia Furler, Max Martin, Jesse Shatkin, Taylor Swift, Shellback, Sam Smith, Andrew Hozier-Byme and William Phillips who were nominated for the song of the year award.

The best new artist nominations went to Sam Smith, Haim, Bastille, Brandy Clark and Iggy Azalea.

John Legend’s All of Me song got him a nomination in the Best Pop Solo Performance together with Sam Smith, Taylor Swift, Sia, and Pharrell Williams. Best Rock Performance nominations went to Jack White, The Black Keys, Ryan Adams, Beck and Arctic Monkeys. Best metal performance nominations were given to Anthrax, Mastodon, Tenacious D, Slipknot and Motorhead.

The other artists who were lucky to be nominated were Iggy Azelea, Juicy J, Katy Perry, Charli XCX, Coldplay, Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilera, Jessie J and Ariana Grande. Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga got a nomination in the best traditional pop vocal album award for their song Cheek to Cheek, others who were nominated in this category are Barbra Streisand, Jonny Mathis, Annie Lennox and Barry Manilow.

Sam Smith got another nomination in the best pop vocal album together with Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande and Katy Perry.  Best dance recording nominees were Basement Jaxx, Disclosure and Mary J Blige were also nominated with their F for you record, others in this category were Clean Bandit featuring Jesse Glynne with rather be record, then there was Zhu with faded and I got you by Duke Durmont together with Jax Jones. Data retrieved from last year statistics have provided a very interesting forecast for the 2015 Grammy event to say the least.

Other lucky nominees were Mat Zo, Alphex Twin, Deadmau5, Royksopp and Robyn and Little Dragon all who were nominated for best dance/ electronic album. Those who were nominated for the best contemporary instrumental album were Mindi Abair with wild at heart, Thile and Edgar Meyer were nominated with their Chuck, Loeb, Everette Harp, Bass and Mandolin performance while Jeff Lorber was nominated with his Jazz funk soul, Gerald Albright also got nominated for slam dunk, and lastly Nathan East was nominated with his Nathan East performance.

Those who got nominations for the best rock song award were Ryan Adams, Jack White III, Hayley Williams together with Taylor York, Beck Hansen and D. Auerbach, B.Burton and P. Camey with their fever song.  Best rock album nominations went to The Black Keys, Ryan Adams, Beck, U2 and Tom Petty together with The Heartbreakers.

All these artists got nominated for one or more of their performances. There are more nominees who are in other different categories. The full list of the nominees can be viewed online.

The 2014 Grammys


The 56th annual Grammy awards took place in United States in Staples Center, Los Angeles California on the 26th of January 2014. It was hosted by LL Cool J for a third time. He has proved to be an entertaining host who keeps the crowd comfortable and happy.

Nominees were announced in December 6th 2013. Jay Z had most nominations leading with nine nominations in different categories, while Kendrick Lamar, Justine Timberlake Pharell Williams, Ryan Lewis and Macklemore had seven nominations each. There were other nominees who had more than one nomination each, all in different categories.

There were a few changes that were done on the Grammys. One of the changes was to add another category for best Americana song to the American music listing. There was also the renaming of Best Hard rock/ Metal Performance to best metal performance, making it a stand -alone category. There was also the renaming of best short form music video to best music video while the best long form music video was renamed to best music film.

There were performance from various artists, some of those who performed included Beyonce and Jay-Z who performed ‘drunk in love’; Katy Perry and Juicy J performed the dark horse. John Legend performed ‘all of me’. There were many other performances by different artists who took the stage by storm.


The 56th Annual Grammy Awards had various artists taking the role of presenters which made the event very interesting and entertained. Some of those presenters included Pharell Williams, Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx, Gloria Estefan, Anna Faris, Jeremy Renner amongst others. The presenters were in charge of introducing the entertainers and also in charge of calling out the winners of different categories.

Like all other Grammys there were many winners in this annual event. Some of the winners were Macklemore, Pharell Williams, The Isley Brothers, Robert Johnson, and James Brown amongst others. The winners enjoy the benefits of being in the lime light after the event. There are many people who have had their career succeed after being just nominated for the Grammys. That means that the impact of the nominations can be as powerful as winning the awards.

The nominees are always given time to apply for nominations under different categories. The open window period is expected to give artists enough time to make an application for the Grammys. taylor-swift-grammys-2014

Those attending the Grammys also book in advance and pay for the tickets which are always sold online. Failure to do early booking can make one to miss out on the big event since all tickets can be sold out before the big day.


The 56th Grammys was had 83 categories up for grabs. Since the introduction of the Grammys, the categories continue to go up as the organizers try to ensure that all talents are recognized for their efforts and for their unending commitment in the music industry. There are many who have been recognized for their talents since the Grammys started, and many continue to benefit.



Grammy Nominations 2014: How to Get Nominated Now or In the Future


A Grammy, according to, is the most prestigious award in the recording industry. Recipients of this award are usually selected by their peers in the recording sciences and arts fields. What we see on television are only the final nominations. There are a plethora of the same ho go nominated and were not successful. If you tried to be part of the Grammy nominations for 2014 and you did not know how to go about it, the following are tips to assist you with the same.

Start by making an online application. This can be done by visiting On the site, you will find a list of requirements for you to qualify. They are not quite challenging as long as you are determine dot get a nomination. The basic is making a record in the United States. There are many record labels available in the country. The tick would be finding one that can give you the best chances of getting nominated for a Grammy.

To find a good rescoring label / company, you have to do some research. Just because you found out the company that was used by several nominees does not mean you will automatically qualify for a nomination. Try and find a reputable recording company. Make sure the one you choose is one that has high standards. This will not necessarily mean you need to get the best in the market. Work within your budget and you are sure to find one that will suit your needs.

Take note that it is virtually impossible to get Grammy nominations 2014 at this time. However, the current nominees can be used as a source for your inspiration. Look at how hard they worked as well as what it took then to get there. You will find perseverance and commitment as well as good support system is the mandatory for success. Keeping such factors in mind will help you maintain your focus on being a Grammy nominee.


Once you do a recording, make sure it is released in the United Sates. This is one of the non-negotiable criterion for being nominated or a Grammy. You also have to ensure your recording has been digitally released. Use popular platforms such as iTunes to make sure you get your recording to a good start. You can also use commercial release options such as music stores. As long as you make it within the stipulated timeframe, you will have a good chance of being nominated.

Ensure that the media company you are using has been registered on the Grammy website. Even if you do not get a nomination, having such exposure can be great for you. It will also give you chances of getting a nomination in the near future. If your company is not registered, try and get them to register. They will receive an OEP login password and User ID at the completion of the registration process. It is a simple process that will not require a lot of commitment and / or resources. Instructions for the Grammy award process are also provided upon successful registration.

Lastly, submit an entry for Grammy consideration. Take note that you may not be selected during your first try. However, the more you try and the more you market you company, the higher the chances of getting nominated and ultimately winning a Grammy award.

The Best of 2013 Grammys

The Grammys of 2013 which was the 55th one was full of color and entertainment. There were many activities that could qualify as the best highlights of that year.

The best highlights were mainly from music performances who took over the stage with beautiful displays of talent and success. The Grammys was hosted by LL cool J who kept the crowd entertained throughout. There were 81 categories to be won, up from 78 the previous year. The winners were announced one by one with a few breaks in between for entertainment.

The ceremony was opened by an entertainment from Taylor swift, performing “we are never ever getting back together”, the music was well organized and was enjoyed by all. This opening remains one of the best highlights of the 55th Grammy Awards. Other artists who remain as part of the awards highlights are Rihanna who performed ‘stay’. The song that featured Mikky Ekko left those who attended the Grammys talking.

The presentation of the awards was done by different presenters. Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull presented the best pop solo performance. Best country solo performance was presented by Miguel and Wiz Khalifa, while Faith Hill and Tim McGraw presented the song of the year. There were many categories that were presented by different presenters. Amongst those other presenters are Katy Perry, Adele, Prince, Kat Dennings, Hunter Hayes, Kelly Clarkson, Keith Urban, Kaley Cuoco, Ne-yo, Carly Rae Jepsen, Nas, Kelly Rowland, Pauley Perrette, Dave Grohl, Jonny Depp, Boney Raitt, John Mayer and Neil Patrick Harris. All these presenters presented different categories while others introduced the artists.

There were artists who received several nominations and others received multiple awards. The one who scooped the most awards was Dan Auerbach who took five awards. Jay-Z, Kanye West, The Black Keys, and Skrillex all scooped 3 awards each.

During the awards, there were nominations in 81 different categories. The categories fell under different classes which included pop, Dance, traditional pop, rock, R&B, Country, Rap, Jazz, New Age and also Gospel and the general category. The awards also recognize Latin, American Roots Music, World reggae, Children’s category and Reggae. There was also awards in Comedy, Musical Show, Spoken Word, Music for visual media, Packaging, notes, Historical, production, music video, Classical and there were other special merit awards.

The highlights of 2013 indicate that the event was successful and there are many people who still talk about how organized the 2013 Grammys were, since everything went on well and it was also well attended. Those who entertained the crowd ensured that they left the crowd asking for more. The 55th Grammy Awards nominees were announced in 2012 December, meaning that they had a few months to prepare for the big day. Those who scooped the awards enjoy the feeling of being recognized publicly and their talents acknowledged. After winning the awards those who are new in the industry tend to enjoy a lot of attention from the fans, not only those who attended the Grammys but also worldwide, since the event is televised live.


What are the Grammys?


The Grammy Award was originally called the Gramophone Award; it was started as a tribute by the United States National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences to give recognition to those outstanding success and performances in the music industry.

The Grammy is an annual event which features those who are well known in the music industry and therefore fans normally have more interest on those who will win the awards amongst the nominees. The Grammy has similarities with other award giving events that also recognize the artists for their work.

The first Grammy was held in the year 1959 to give recognition to artists’ achievement during their performances in the year 1958. There have been many changes in the Grammy awards since 2011 when the categories were changed for 2012. There were new categories added to the Grammy awards which made the event far more interesting.  There has been 56 Grammy Awards so far, the 57th Award will take place in the year 2015 on February 8th in Los Angeles, California at Staples Center.

During the awards, the winners are recognized with a gold plated trophy, each trophy portraying a gilded gramophone. They trophies are assembled by hand in Ridgway Colorado by Billings Artworks. The original design of the trophy was further improved in 1990 when the traditional soft lead was changed for a stronger alloy making it less prone to damage, and it was further increased in size. Once the winner has been announced, the name of the recipient is engraved on it.  There have been many beneficiaries of these awards since its inception, by 2009, over 7500 trophies had been awarded.

The award generally started with a few categories and the number continued to increase. The general categories were album of the year which was awarded to the artist and production team of the full album.  Second was record of the year which was awarded to the artist and production team of a single song, then there was the song of the year award which went to composer of a single song and then there was the best new artist award which went to the promising artist who released during the year in review, this was basically for the first recording that was successful publicly and not necessarily the first proper release.

Apart from those general categories, there were other categories that were included, like the best video, best artwork and many others. By 2012, there were 78 categories which went up to 84 categories in 2014. During the awards, there are performances by famous artists so as to give life to the event, and also showcase just how much talent there is in the music industry. There are many categories that fans still want to be included in the Award.

The Grammys attract a lot of attention not only in the in entertainment industry but also from the public worldwide. The event is televised live on many broadcast stations while others show the recoded version a few days after the event.  The Grammys is in many ways similar to the Oscars and the Emmys.